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Albatross Golf Club Management Solutions

Albatross was developed after consulting with Clubs over a 24-month period. It is designed to bring Courses & Clubs a Tech Solution to a range of services required to be effective and commercial for their stakeholders.

We found that Clubs were having to deal with several external agencies; as many as 7 for one Club, to deliver an outcome across their tee bookings, pro lessons, or even course maintenance etc.

These outcomes were collectively messy, clunky and lacked integration across the Business. The overlap of services from these agencies added unnecessary costs and therefore made no financial sense.

At Albatross we work with each club to establish a complete integrated plan; targeting the clubs’ priorities, and rolling out a plan which works collaboratively with any systems they wish to continue using.

Inclusive to our core club management solution, we have a strong marketing focus with experts who will assist each club achieve participation numbers, sales, and budgets, through various marketing strategies.

Why Choose Us

Why Albatross Golf &
The Marketing Mix?

  • Digital Marketing Experts

    With years of experience in developing successful Digital Marketing and Communications campaigns for our clients, we can ensure you are consistently ten steps ahead of your competitors.

  • Solutions Focused

    Our team of specialist are all about results and providing the best solution to provide the outcomes for our clients. We are focused on consistently working alongside our clients to make a tangible impact on their business and bottom line. Real World Solutions for a Digital World.

  • Branding & Strategy

    With in-house design and creative capabilities, our team is able to tailor all of our services to your business, no matter the size. The end goal of creating your brand should be on making a tangible impact on your business and your bottom line, which we always keep in mind when developing brands.


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